Pare Gabia is a real story, one of an espadrille maker, Jean Corbun, who founded the company in Sainte Marie de Gosse in 1935 and his son who perpetuated the family tradition and their unique savoir-faire. Our espadrilles are still manufactured artfully and with care.

The Basque Country

The word "Pare Gabia" means "without equal" in the Basque language. This saying was engraved in the molds for the rubber soles of the brand's espadrilles and quickly became the brand's name. The Pare Gabia logo uses a basque font that appeared around 1950.

The Espadrille

The espadrille is made up of a braided jute sole and a material upper. At Pare Gabia, the thread is dyed in the same bath as the cotton fiber used for the upper which is specially manufactured for each espadrille. Pare Gabia's signature is that each pair of espadrilles is hand-assembled to the sole : this technique means that each pair of Pare Gabia is unique.